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Gearing up for new exercises? Don’t forget to do your warm ups!

The sun is slowing starting to come out and the city seems to be coming alive with runners, bikers, and everyday movers! As we start to increase our activity levels, it is important that we remember to ease our way into these workouts and exhibit proper warm ups.  

Long gaps between activities or specific workouts are inevitable and unfortunately, this can increase the likelihood of injury and prolonged soreness when the individual decides to start. A good example of this would be someone not playing soccer for a few months and then jumping into a game and overly straining themselves. Warming up is so important as it prepares both body and mind for the activity ahead.   

The increase in blood flow warms the muscles, increases flexibility and reduces the possible strain on joints and surrounding soft tissue structures. Remember to take your time before reaching high intensity!  Whether you are going for a casual or high intensity workout, warming up is an essential part of performance and injury prevention.  

A man and woman standing outside stretch legs on park bench

Principles to good warm ups include: 
  • Increasing your heart rate. 
  • Lightly stretch and mobilize the muscles and joint you are about to use. 
  • Strengthen: challenge your muscles by doing some some light resistance exercises such as lunges, squats, or push ups.  

In addition to warming up your body in preparation for your workouts and activities it is also important to protect your back from strain. These three simple tips will help you with your everyday activities, as well as aiding in protecting your back during workout sessions.

Next time you gear up to head outside for a jog or soccer game, remember that just like the weather is warming up, you should warm up too.

-Dr. Connor Hoy


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