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Protecting Your Back Maintains Your Health

For anyone who has thrown out their back, they know how debilitating and uncomfortable this can be. Protecting your back is an essential part of maintaining our long term health, allowing us to continue living our life to the fullest. Below are a few basic principles to protecting our backs!

1)     Keep objects that you carry or lift close to your body. 

  •       The further the object is from your body, the more strain there will be. 

2)     Work with your body as close to upright as possible and avoid twisting movements.

  •       For low level work, bend your knees, squat or kneel.
  •       Move your feet or swivel your chair rather than twisting at your neck or waist.

3)     Unexpected movements increase the likelihood of injuries.

  •       Ensure walking surfaces are clear and be mindful to avoid slips, falls and tripping. 

It is often the movements and circumstances that you are not prepared for that can cause us to injure or strain our body. Staying proactive with your everyday behaviours and being mindful of your surroundings is a great way to maintain our health.