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Dr. Aaron Hoy

Dr. Aaron Hoy

DC, Chiropractor


Dr. Aaron Hoy was born in Vancouver and is a third-generation Vancouverite. He has lived in Vancouver all his life except for the four years he spent in Toronto attending Chiropractic College. There he met Natalie, his wife, whom he married in 1986. They have three adult children, Carly, Connor and Ryder.   

In 1976 Dr. Hoy began a four year program at UBC; three years in Sciences and one year in Commerce.  He headed to Toronto to attend Chiropractic College at CMCC in 1980 and graduated from CMCC in 1984. In January of 1985, Dr. Hoy opened up a solo practice at 7th and Granville. For the next twelve years, Dr. Hoy developed clinical, technical expertise and personal relationships with his patients.

The Pacific Press was the main reason for opening in the South Granville area since it provided his practice with a variety of patients including high-stress business clients, families, pregnancy care, sports. The very first patient to walk into that particular office was a press professional from the area, but it was not long before the Pacific Press nurse began referring from all areas.

Dr. Hoy enjoys squash and golf with avid passion.  Thus, he enjoys working with squash players and golfers, as his intimate knowlege of the sports helps him to adjust in ways that may improve the athlete’s performance!  He has had the pleasure of treating professional athletes, as well as stuntmen (and women!), actors/actresses, as well as many others from behind the scenes in the film industry.  Dr. Hoy has now been in practice for thirty-one years. With regular Chiropractic adjustments for his own physical performance and general health and well being, he intends to continue practicing for at least another twenty years.