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Does Massage Therapy Help?

Massage therapy is often thought of as relaxing and therapeutic, however, it can be much more when paired with chiropractic treatments. By using a variety of techniques, massage therapists use manual manipulation of the body’s soft tissue structures. These soft tissues include the muscle, skin, tendons, fascia, ligaments and joint capsules. These tissues are often involved when the back, neck and extremities are under stress.

Targeting specific tissues will release tightness and spasms allowing for easy realignment and longer term relief upon adjustments. These two therapies work well together especially if there is muscular soreness, stiffness or increased stress levels. As with chiropractic, massage therapy is versatile and can be useful to people of all ages and conditions. Some of these conditions include headaches, back/neck pain, sciatica and inflammatory conditions. With these two therapies working together: function, flexibility and overall circulation of the soft tissues will increase resulting in longer term benefits.